Neuchâtel has enough room for everybody. However: the city is small and the conference hotel contingent is only reserved for ICAMErs until March 31. As the convenient options will go fast, we strongly recommend you make arrangements at your earliest convenience. From April 1 onwards, rooms are subject to general availability. You can book special conference deals at selected hotels via this booking site.

Using this link, for some hotels, you can only book for the dates of the conference (June 1–5)—if you want to stay there for adjacent days and get an error message, please contact the hotels directly and let them know you are an ICAME participant. (Note: Hotels marked * also allow booking adjacent days directly via the system, subject to availability.)

  • Le Café de l’Aubier, Neuchâtel, ca. 15 min walk/bus (flat); ca. CHF 85
  • Hôtel Beaulac, ca. 10 min walk (flat), ca. CHF 265
  • * Hôtel Alpes et Lac, ca. 10 min walk (steep; you can take the Fun’ambule); ca. CHF 140
  • * Hôtel de l’Ecluse, ca. 15 min walk/bus (flat); ca. CHF 160
  • * Hôtel des Artes, ca. 5 min walk (flat); ca. CHF 100
  • Hôtel Touring au Lac, ca. 15 min walk/bus (flat); ca. CHF 145
  • Hôtel Ibis Trois-Lacs, ca. 30–50 mins train/bus; ca. CHF 130


We suggest alternative accommodation as follows, mostly around CHF 90–120 (single) and CHF 120–160 (double). There is no contingent reserved for ICAMErs, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Hotels and most official B&Bs offer a public transport ticket for the Canton of Neuchâtel. See Neuchâtel Tourist Card for details. If you stay privately, check out how to get around.

If you want to share a hotel room and/or have a spare bed in your AirBnB, send us an email ( and we’ll connect you to each other. Alternatively, you can use #icame40 on Twitter to look for potential flatmates.