conference hotels

You can book special conference deals at selected hotels via this booking site. These rates are available until May 1, 2019.

  • Le Café de l’Aubier, Neuchâtel, ca. 15 min walk/bus (flat); ca. CHF 85
  • Hôtel Beaulac, ca. 10 min walk (flat), ca. CHF 265
  • Hôtel Alpes et Lac, ca. 10 min walk (steep; see Fun’ambule); ca. CHF 140
  • Hôtel de l’Ecluse, ca. 15 min walk/bus (flat); ca. CHF 160
  • Hôtel des Artes, ca. 5 min walk (flat); ca. CHF 100
  • Hôtel Touring au Lac, ca. 15 min walk/bus (flat); ca. CHF 145
  • Hôtel Ibis Trois-Lacs, ca. 30–50 mins train/bus; ca. CHF 130
additional options

Other accommodation options are available, mostly around CHF90–120 (single) and CHF120–160 (double):

Commercial places (hotels, registered B&Bs) offer a public transport ticket. See Neuchâtel Tourist Card for details. If you stay privately, check out how to get around.